Weight Check Procedure & Submission

Why use a Weighslip?  

The Southwestern Yacht Club Anglers are interested in your catch!   We list your catch in the Reel Fun section of the Mooringline.   We also, record your fish for a possible award each year.   We have a number of different categories for a number of different awards.  

Did you know, we have awards for the same species of fish with different line test?

We certainly do.   We have several awards all which are for different species of fish all with different line pound test.    


The Anglers Board hold an awards dinner each year.  At that dinner all the weighslips are reviewed for awards.  Each award winner receives a SWYC Anglers jacket and an additional award of the current Anglers President’s choosing.

The Weight Slip must be fully filled out and VERY ACCURATE.   They must be signed by the angler and a witness.   Often times the difference in a winning award is 1 ounce.  This is an SWYC on-your-honor fact sheet.


We have a full spreadsheet of all weightslips that are recorded.

Your SWYC Anglers keep a running form of all the Anglers and their recorded catches for the year.    Each annual year, the spreadsheet is cleared and new records are recorded.


Your SWYC WeighMasters

It is the job of the weighmaster to update our awards and statistics to this fact sheet.   This is a position that is elected on your SWYC Anglers Board committee. Th Weighmaster is in charge of making sure the scale is in good calibration and well working order.   Further, it is the job of the weighmaster to keep updated records for the year.

You can fill out the form online below.

Just fill out the below form and hit the submit button.

Submitted forms will be emailed to: weighmaster@swycanglers.com

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    Weighmaster Job Description

    1. Collect and enter into weight slip .xls file weekly.  Arrange to have an alternate if out of town.
    2. Submit the weight slip .xls file to front office weekly.
    3. Perform weight checks on the certified scale weekly. (5 lb range and 20 lb range)
    4. Analyze end of year data for all awards categories and submit to new president by January meeting (3rd Wednesday)
    5. Investigate and validate any questionable submissions.


    Weekly weight validation

    1. Two weights of approximately 5 lb and a 20 lb weight will be used to validate the scale weekly.
      1. Weights need not be certified but the same weights will be used consistently.
      2. If the 5 lb range weight weighs 4.93 after certification it should weigh 4.93 all year, same for the approximately 20 lb weight.
    2. If a validation weight is greater than 1% (0.05 lb for the 5 lb and 0.2 for the 20 lb weight) San Diego Scale is to be notified immediately to service.  
    3. All certifications will be logged on a new tab in the weight slip .xls file. Information to include date, person performing the certification and the weight of the 2 reference weights.