Tech Tips for TimeZero Professional 5.0

What is TimeZero Software?

TimeZero is software written by Nobeltec.  This is the software that your Furuno MFD (Multi-Functional Display) uses.   TimeZero is the fully functional software that has all the features that you use for your MFD.  This includes, chartplotting, sonar, radar, weather, and other features.

Why buy the Software only?

Timezero software is on verison 5.0.   Your Furuno MFD is only on version 3.0.   Furuno uses a limited version of TimeZero on your TZ 2/3 MFD.  It does work well and has good features.  However, if you are looking for the latest version and the most up to date features, then you need to run it on a Microsoft Windows computer.

What are the costs?

Actually, the costs are not bad.   The TimeZero Professional 5.0 is $1,500.00   You can run it on a $600.00 Windows Computer.   You can run it on two screens.  Meaning, you can have your chartplotter in screen 1 and your sounder in screen 2.   Today’s computer screens are cheap.   

Why Consider Buying TimeZero instead of an Multi-Functional Display?

TimeZero is ahead of its time.  Using this system will ensure you have the latest and most up to date charts, latest features, and most detailed precision information for all modules.   Running TimeZero on your own Windows computer will run and respond much more quickly than a traditional MFD.