AIS Tracking

Automatic Identification System for Vessels


What is AIS?  How does it work?

Marine Traffic is an excellent way to look at where boats are in live action, presently.  This app is FREE!  What is AIS?  AIS is an emergency system on your VHF radio.   It is the Automatic Identification System.   Your radio has AIS which transmits your vessel’s position so that other ships and the Coast Guard is aware of your position.

AIS is monitoring all MMSI Registered VHF Radios.


If you are intersted in making your vessel more safe, register your VHF Radio’s AIS with the Coast Guard.   You register your AIS by your MMSI ID.   Every VHF Radio has a specific and individual MMSI Number.  This helps identify your specific boat for the Coast Guard.    You can register your MMSI at this link.  


Get AIS Tracking via antenna on your boat.

There are two ways you can get AIS tracking on your boat.   An AIS add-on antenna on your boat.  You can add a seperate AIS antenna on your boat and connect it to your navagational computer.   This will allow your navagational computer to see boats within a 10 to 15 mile radius around your.  You will be able to see boats and their specfic MMSI, registered boat names.   

Get AIS Tracking via internet on your boat.

If you have internet on your boat, via Starlink you can track other boats via an app on your phone/ipad.  With internet on your boat and a Marine Tracker app, you can see the boats in live time on your smart phone.   Many of us use Marine Traffic from KPLR.