2024 Anglers Handbook



Anglers Handbook is Important and changes each year.

The Southwestern Yacht Club Anglers update the master Handbook each year to update rules, forms, tournaments, and any changes for the year.   As rules, forms, and other changes are made or voted upon by the Anglers Board, those updates are recorded in the Anglers Roster.


Handbook Changes

Your SWYC Anglers Board is always striving to improve events and particpation.  It is our charter to bolster fishing.  We do this through seminars, fun tournaments, dinners, and other events to help our SWYC Anglers community meet each other and build comeraderie.   The as changes are suggested to the board, they are voted on and changes are recorded in our roster.


SWYC Angler Tournaments

Your SWYC Anglers Board chairs several tournaments and events each year.  The Handbook is updated with each tournament from the previous year.   A short summary of the tournament is detailed.  This also includes the winners and some of the pictures from each event.


SWYC Angler Annual Awards

Your SWYC Anglers Board chairs an annual awards dinner.   The previous fishing season’s awards winners are listed in the Handbook.  This includes each winner’s name, fish, weight, boat, and sometimes line test used for the award.   The roster provides a history year to year of those tournaments and their winners.