Tournament Beneficiaries

Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea welcomes all groups of kids to experience a day on the water. We serve groups of kids from all walks of life, including but not limited to; special needs, school groups, church groups, inner city, and club groups. Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea funds half day fishing trips on Coast Guard approved vessels at Ports from San Diego to San Francisco


For a variety of circumstances, many youngsters are not afforded the opportunity to experience the wonders of being on the ocean learning about the ecosystems in our coastal waters. Enjoying a day on the water, feeling the ocean breeze, viewing marine life in its natural habitat, and experiencing the joy of fishing can truly broaden a child’s horizons perhaps becoming a life-changing experience. We partner with other organizations to provide even more chances for kids to go fishing at various scheduled fresh and saltwater events.


Since 1973 ElderHelp has been an advocate for San Diego’s older adults, believing that helping seniors age with dignity in their homes creates a stronger more vibrant community for citizens of all ages.


ElderHelp Today

Today, ElderHelp is an integral part of the spectrum of government, health care, and community based providers focused on providing long-term solutions for seniors struggling to navigate complex challenges. We’re one of the only agencies solely focused on providing quality services and programs to help seniors age successfully in their own homes.

Leading the way with innovative solutions to modern-day problems, we’ve added support for Employed Family Caregivers to our core programs of Care Coordination, Seniors A Go Go, and Housing Services. As the landscape for seniors is changing, ElderHelp provides vital services that keep them healthy and connected to our community, impacting the lives of more than 6,600 seniors and their families each year.

SWYC Anglers are a proud to annouce we raised $26,000.00 for Elderhelp from our 2023 Bottom Fishing Tournament.