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Did you know SWYC Anglers may pay for your fishing tournament entry?

It is the charter of the SWYC Anglers Committee to bolster our anglers to compete in tournaments outside of SWYC.   This is done to encourage our Anglers to compete and represent the SWYC for Fishing.


Reimbursement Forms:

The SWYC Anglers committee will add up all tournament entree fee’s and reiumburse anglers for their entries depending on moneys dedicated in budget for touranments.   Money reimbursements happen at end of fiscal year.   Riembursements in some cases include some money for additonal costs.

There are two ways you can submit your Reimbursement form:


 1: Fill Out Online:

Scroll to down to fill out the digital form (preferred.)


 2:  Download and Email.
Download, Print & Fill out the form to the left.  Then email to:

Form Elegibility: 


  1.  Must be a SWYC Boat
  2. Must be a SWYC Angler
  3. You must Register as SWYC in your Boat Name and Team
    1. IE: SWYC Reelentless
    2. IE: SWYC Team Reelentless
  4. You must fly the SWYC Burgee on your boat
  5. You must submit the tournament entry form by 10:00 PM the night               before the event to the Anglers Board via website submission form or          email to    **NO EXCEPTIONS**        
  6. You will need to provide the tournament entry form with a paid                        receipt within 15 days of tournament.
  7. Reimbursement is ONCE A YEAR in DECEMBER after SWYC Anglers                   Board financials are reconciled.
  8. Reimbursement goes to the captain of the boat and NOT the                              individual anglers.
  9. If there is extra money in our budget, you may be reimbursed for some      addtional costs.

It is the most easy for the anglers if you fill the form online below:

Please make sure to upload the receipt of payment as a picture.


"*" indicates required fields


1. Submit this form by 10:00 PM the night before the tournament
2. Must be on a SWYC Boat
3. you must register as SWYC in your boat and team name. SWYC-BOAT/TEAM NAME
4. You will need to provide the tournament entry form and the receipt for the entry fee-The club will only reimburse the main entry fees, no jackpot fees will be reimbursed) within 15 days of the tournament.
5. After the tournament, you are required to let us know how you did, fish caught what place you finished. Pictures are also a plus.
Captain Name*
Your team name must also must have SWYC in it. You must fly the SWYC Burgee during the tournament.
Tournament Name
Angler Name Reimbursement Amount Actions

Certification & Signature

Fees are reimbursed at the end of the year based on the rules in the Anglers Roster. We only reimburse fees for registered Anglers of SWYC. If the tournament has a minimum entry fee, that will be reimbursed.
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