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  1. March 6th, Seminar – TimeZero Professional 5.0
  2. April 4th, Seminar-Todd Mora Mastering Bottom Fishing
  3. May 22nd, Rick Maxa & Doug Kern.  Let’s Talk Tackle & Hookup
  4. July24, Anglers Choice Presents: Flat Fall Fishing
  5. TBD

SWYC Anglers, We Volunteer For you!

Your Southwestern Anglers are a committee who work for you.   Our charter is to build bonds, educate, teach, and mentor our fellow anglers to become better fisher people.   We do so through seminars, tournaments, and fishing together.   More importantly, we are about camaraderie and fun.


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Join the SWYC Angler Family.   You will be entitled to SWYC Angler Announcements, Tournaments, Dinners, fun Events.  All of this is available to you via our calendar of events, live bulletin board, seminars, and other useful information.


San Diego Tide Report.  Including: Wind, Temp, Visiblity, Best Fishing Times.

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Go Ahead, ask Copilot AI any question about fishing, engines, boats and so much more.

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It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the loss of another prominent Angler, Barry Rockwell. Barry passed away on Sunday April 7, his son Todd by his side. His passing comes just shy of his 82 birthday. Barry was an active Angler at the Club, including a role as Angler President in 1993. He was always fishing and working on his boat, Drift-A-Way. Barry was fishing with his son, Todd, in our Halibut Tournament just one day before he passed. He will be missed dearly.

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Angler Resources

The below resources are provided for your convenience to help you plan a safe journey on the water for your next fishing trip.   Your safety is very important.  The below tools can help you plan a careful and deliberate journey.
This is a map to our popular local fishing spots and their coordinates.   Also you have access to  database file.
Windy is an excellent tool that you can use to carefully plan and calculate the weather & swell at the fishing spots that you may plan to visit on your journey.
MarineTraffic is an excellent tool to see other boats and their locations.   This tool is used for tracking boats that have their AIS Enabled on their VHF Radios.
This section is for all SWYC Anglers Members to have an active bulletin board.   Looking for someone to fish with?  Looking to post some updated fishing Hot Spot?  Click Here.

Tech Tips:

Maratime Starlink Internet for your Vessel in the Slip and Ocean

Your guide for Starlink and information on how to get internet on your boat at the dock and out in the ocean.

Tech Tips:

Want to learn about a Furuno Searchlight Sonar?

Your guide for buying, installing, and setting up a Searchlight Sonar

Tech Tips:

TimeZero Professional 5.0 Software.   Why even buy a Furuno MFD (Multi-Fuctional Display)

TimeZero Professional 5.0 is the most advanced navational and professional fishing software in the marketplace.