Route Planning

(Time & Milage) to 

Fishing Spots

This page is a listing of the designated fishing spots for the Southern California and North Baja area.   This fishing spots are positions that should be in your navigational computer.   These are important to help guide you to well know spots by most all anglers.

A BIG thank you to Jim Bixby who created this chart!   Below’s charts are very comprehensive with distance to each fishing spot from Point Loma or from Mission Bay.  

General Notes

If you read this map carefully, it will show each of the big name fishing spots in the San Diego/Southern Baja area.   Each of the fishing spots coordinates are listed.   Also you can see the distance from either Point Loma (San Diego) or Mission Bay to each spot.

Travel Time Located at Bottom Chart 

The spreadsheet chart at the bottom of this page lists the amount of time it will take on average @ 15 Knots to each fishing location from Point Loma.