SWYC Angler Training Seminars

What are Angler Training Seminars?

Your SWYC Anglers are dedicated to make your knowlege and experience ever growing.   Knowlege is power!  The Angler Board is constantly in search of people and technology solutions to help make all of us more informed and wise about fishing, boating, and navigation.





We Host about 5 Seminars Per Year.   Everyone is invited.

If there is a seminar you want to teach or something you want to learn about, drop us a line.   We are always looking to add speakers year after year to our program.   We are always looking to introduce people and their specialities for fishing technique and tackle.





Wednesay March 6th, 2024

TimeZero Professional 5.0

Have you ever wanted to see a software that blows away your current traditional MDF (Garmin, Furuno, Simrad) computer?   Well, here it is: TimeZero Professional for Windows.  Plugs into your NEMA 2000 Network.



Thursday April 4th, 2024

Mastering Bottom Fishing

Do you know Todd Mora?  This guy is an intreped bottom fisherman.  He has won multiple bottom fishing tournaments here at SWYC and the Marlin Club.  He is here to help train us to all become better at grabbing those winning halibuts and rockfish.


Wednesday May 22nd, 2024

Lets’ Talk Tackel & Hookup

Rick Maxa from Fisherman’s landing will be talking about the latest lures and fishing techniques.   He will be bringing a few friends from the shop to speak as well.




Wednesday July 24th, 2024

Flat Fall Fishing

Luc from Anglers Choice will be talking about the latest flatfall lures and their techniques.   He will be bringing a few friends from the shop to speak as well.




Want to know more?

Look at our current schedule of Seminars.  Check in month to month for new scheduled events.  All new events are also posted on the SWYC Anglers Facebook page.