SWYC Tournament Anglers of the

Year Rules

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SWYC Anglers:

Tournament Anglers of the Year Award 

Your SWYC Anglers Board supports and awards conservation of marine life.   We strive to make rules fair to encourage anglers to relase fish back into the wild.   

Anglers Tournament Champion Rules

For this award, Anglers will get points for their performance regardless of the boat they fish on in the tournament.

  1. Tournaments qualifying for Tournament Angler of the Year points include:
    1. SWYC Bottom Fishing Tournament
    2. Won-California Tuna Jackpot
    3. Marlin Club ILTT
    4. Bloody Decks Yellowtail Shootout
    5. SWYC Marlin Tournament
    6. SWYC Tuna Tournament
    7. SWYC Halibut Tournament
    8. San Diego Bay Fishing Tournament
    9. Marlin Club Rock Cod Roundup


2. Point System per tournament:

  1. 1st Place                6 points
  2. 2nd Place               5 points
  3. 3rd Place                4 points
  4. 4 Place                   3 points
  5. 5 Place                   2 Points
  6. 6 Place                   1 Point

3. Anglers are responsible for making sure Anglers board has the correct weight and information for their catches in a tournament

4. Anglers must fish on a SWYC Anglers boat in a tournament.

5. Points are awarded based on SWYC participants’ placement in the tournament in relationship to other SWYC participants. Example: If an angler places 3rd overall but is the highest placing SWYC participant they would be awarded 6 points.

6. The winner is the Anglers with the most tournament points.