Tech Tips for Furuno Searchlight Sonar

Furuno Searchlight Sonar

The Searchlight Sonar, some say is the biggest game changer in fish finding.  This is a VERY expensive fish finder and can be used to find fish up to 1/2 mile from your boat.

Why So Expenisve?

When you install a Searchlight Sonar, you need to cut an 8″ hole thorugh your boat.  You have to install a special fiberglass through tube that the Sonar can sit in.   A shroud needs to be build around the hole in your boat to ensure your boat continues to drive straight and smoothly through the water.

How Expensive?

The cost of the equipment is approximately $15K.   The installation is about 10K in haulout, lay days, and labor.   The fiberglass tube is 1K.   The installation of the equipment, wiring, and mounting on your helm is another 5K.

You Must Have Room.  The Unit is Large

The Searchlight Sonar is very large.   It is approxmiately 24″ in diamater in the boat and is 17″ High.   You will also need to put an 8″ through hole in the boat.