SWYC Sweatshirt/Hoodie Swag!

SWYC Anglers Sweatshirt/Hoodie

Are you intereseted in buying a sweatshirt or a hoodie?   Good news!   We are in the process of making orders for these.   Mark Mitchell has graciously offered his time to help purchase a grouping of sweatshirts for anyone that would like one.   You may choose either a sweatshirt or a hoodie.


Come on, you know you want one!   It is the coolest ATTIRE on the dock.

(The depicted picture of the sweatshirt is not great.  It looks like a used Ebay item.  Have no fear. )

NEW Sweatshirts/Hoodies are navy blue only (Not grey.)

You can order any unisex size.


**The sweatshirt/hoodie will exclude the year and trophy winner.**



To order, please fill out form below and submit.

Make a payment to Mark for $65.00 via Venmo for each sweatshirt ordered.

Anglers make $15.00 on each order. 

We use these proceeds for prizes at our events.  We thank you.

Submitted forms will be emailed to:anglers@swycanglers.org

To make payment, please send $65.00 to Mark Mitchell via Venmo or private arrangment for each sweatshirt ordered.

Last 4 Digits of Phone Number: 5724

If asked, make sure to choose: Service

Please email anglers@swycanglers.org for any private payment arrangement 

SWYC Angler Sweatshirt / Hoddie Order

SWYC Anglers Sweatshirt / Hoodie

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