SWYC Past Angler Board Presidents


The role and responsiblities of the President are many.  The primary role is to serve as the Chairman of the Anglers Board.   Other roles include but are not limited to ensuring that various sub-committees are properly supported, to ensure that finances are in line, to serve as the face of the Anglers and Anglers Board, and to improve the inner workings of the Anglers Board wherever possible.

Two of the most important roles of the President are to preserve the traditions of the Anglers Club and to listen to the needs, wants, suggestions, criticism and other Angler Club Member inputs and to bring those to the Anglers Board for consideration.  

Beyond managing meetings and serving as Chairman, the President is responsible for organizing the General Meeting of the Anglers (February) as well as the Annual Anglers Awards Dinner (March-April).   The President is also responsible for writing, having printed and publishing the Anglers Roster (distributed at the Anglers Award Dinner).   In the context of the Awards Dinner, the President is responsible for hosting the event, disseminating event correspondence, coordinating with the kitchen/event staff on menu, selecting raffle prizes, rounding up jackets for embroidery, and selecting the different awards.